Easter in Boston

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday. I went up to visit my mom in Boston for Easter and it seemed like everywhere I was there was a TON of color! My mother is really into Mondrian, and I loved seeing the influences in her decorating (she’s an interior designer). Believe me, I could do an entire post on just Mondrain-esque things in her house. So today I’m just sharing some of her beautiful decor and some fun things I found in the city, all of which were a breath of fresh air from my rustic Pennsylvanian surroundings.


My mother is obsessed with chairs. Yes, chairs. This is a Knoll Womb Chair, with her Mondrian-y blanket sprawled across. My favorite place in her house to curl up.image

Okay I have to admit, this was the first time I’d ever been to a Trader Joe’s. WHAT MAGIC. I have a right to be excited, the closest one to my house is 45 miles away. I ate these Speculoos cookies sooooo fast. I love the packaging!image

Pig ‘n Whistle Diner…not sure if it was fortunate or unfortunately closed judging by the name. (Also Boston still has snow on the ground from their Winter of Hell)

This is the window on my mom’s front door. Beautiful stained glass that glows blue even when there’s not a lot of light coming through.IMG_3504

Speaking of stained glass, my mom has a ton of it from old churches (I believe they are specifically from her hometown of Bismarck, ND). She sets them against her windows which not only adds beautiful color to the room, but lots of privacy!image

Rainbow sherbet, one of the most aesthetically pleasing Easter-colored desserts.imageThe amazing Easter dinner! Poached salmon and a sweet potato, carrot and fig dish. Note the incredibly colorful table cloth and the stained glass backdrop!

I hope your holiday was as colorful as mine!

xo Rebecca



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